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A Review of ISOs and Direct Loan Lenders in 2017

Independent Sales Organizations make acquiring a loan a lot easier with the help of direct loan lenders such as Merchant Cash Advance, in this day and age. The statement above has never been true before due to the rapidly changing perspectives of our society and the rate technology has evolved in has been conducive to making this true.

And to understand why this is true, we first need to look at what exactly is an Independent Sales Organizations, what do they represent in traditional Merchant Cash Advance loans and how they partner up with the best loan lenders through Merchant Cash Advance. All of which is return below for your review and understanding, and how you can profit from them as being a business owner looking to enhance your business interests.

What are Independent Sales Organizations?

Independent Sales Organizations, as the name suggests are the organizations that work without any restrictions of any government bodies. And even though they are not affiliated by any government schemes and limits, they still enjoy all kinds of benefits that governmental associated financial institutions like banks do.

Independent Sales Organizations have various contacts with direct loan lenders, business owners, and banks, all of which they use in the spread of their business. And they do businesses by providing credit cards affiliated with partner banks to business owners and handle all their purchase and cash flow in exchange for a small fee. This is beneficial for business owners as well as the Independent Sales Organization.

How do Independent Sales Organizations work with Merchant Cash Advance?

Independent Sales Organizations are very much an integral part of the complete process of the Merchant Cash Advance. Every process of Merchant Cash Advance has three parties:

  •    The lender
  •    The debtor
  •    The mediator

As the lender is the Independent lender who is the direct loan lenders and the debtor is the business owner who receives the loan, the mediator is the Independent Sales Organization, who transactions the loan. So, the job of the Independent Sales Organization is to take care of all transactions that happen between the lender and the debtor.

They make sure that the agreed-upon portion of the business owners’ credit card sales goes directly to the lender. They also make sure that the process repeats itself until the complete loan is filled. They do this in exchange for a small transaction fee. And many times, the Independent Sales Organization is the sole connection between the lender and the debtor.

How Independent Sales Organizations make the best direct loan lenders?

Independent Sales Organizations have started to become the lenders of Merchant Cash Advance themselves. This is because they already have connections with both the banks and the business owners. So, they do not need the use of Independent lenders of the Merchant Cash Advance to function anymore.

Instead, they can fund the business owners they believe in themselves, garner more profit at an even faster rate. And it also helps the business owner pay just single fees to the Independent Sales Organization and not the untrustworthy lender.

And so, if you want direct loan lenders Merchant Cash Advance then you should definitely go with Independent Sales Organizations.

Posted On: 25th August 2017