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Selling Merchant Cash Advance Servies

Top 3 Benefits of Selling Merchant Cash Advance Services

Many people who have been in the merchant cash advance industry can attest that it is an incredible opportunity. The majority of the loan products and services you sell on behalf of direct online lenders will fall into one of the two main categories. You can make a lot of upfront reimbursement in the form of monthly salary or one time bonuses. However, you should note that it is your career you are building and not a business. If you want to succeed in this field, you must put all your focus on long term income with opportunities such as network marketing.

Selling Merchant Cash Advance Services

Note that the merchant cash advance industry is very competitive in any market across the globe. As a result, you need to work extra hard and get more clients since you will be required to make a sale for you to get some compensation. Typically, the direct online lenders will pay your upfront compensation in two forms. Sale or lease of property is the most common one. However, you must be careful about this type of compensation. Make sure you provide an overall value to the business owner while you distance yourself from traditional banks. You should partner with direct online lenders that provide free credit card terminals to every client. Note that this might reduce your upfront income. However, giving out free terminals will help you to differentiate yourself from the bank, hence helping make more sales. Therefore, your monthly overall upfront revenue should be the same as selling leases and your residual income will increase rapidly.

Residual income

Note that selling merchant cash advance services as an ISO is a unique venture since it comprises both the upfront and long term income potential. Reputable direct online lenders will provide a 50 percent share of all the income you generate from your sales. Once you agree to partner with a reputable merchant cash advance lender, you will get a schedule of costs for transactions and also a pass through costs like interchange. You will then be given a proposed pricing model which will create a monthly income.

Creating a good relationship with small business owners

Once you partner with a trusted direct online lender, you will gain experience by getting the ability to differentiate yourself in the merchant cash advance industry. You will work with the company experts as they offer other solutions like website design, online presence and touch screen point of sale strategies. Even though selling of MCA is a fantastic business opportunity, it is just the tip of the iceberg if you need to build a relationship with your small business borrowers. Your primary goal is not only to make a sale but also build a solid and long lasting relationship with your clients. This will help in providing future solutions and as the merchant cash advance industry changes, you will still take advantage of these changes by assisting your clients to adapt.

direct lenders only

Benefits of Being an Individual Sales Organization Using Direct Lenders Only

There are many advantages of starting an individual sales organization as an agent using direct lenders only. Being an individual sales organization means that you are not regularly employed by a particular direct lender. Your merchant cash advance lender contacts you for a certain amount of duties, then you move on to the next business opportunity. Your role is to act as middlemen between merchant cash advance lenders and borrowers who are looking for direct lender. Here are some of the reasons to sell MCA as an individual sales organization agent.


Being an ISO agent means that it is easier to have flexible working hours and you enjoy a lot of freedom than an individual who is employed by a business. This kind of liberty is exhibited in various ways. Once you are hired, you have a room of negotiation. Note that your specialized expertise is worth something  to direct lenders only and this implies that you can be more malleable with your working hours. Perhaps, you will only work for five hours a day or three as you would love to. You can do the work of an individual sales organization as a part time job or full time. It all rings back to your contract and the agreement you sign.

You have the opportunity to balance work and life

Due to the flexible nature of the work of selling merchant cash advance services, you can live a balanced life. This is because you set your own schedule and if you want a specific day off, you will easily have it since you are not employed. Selling of merchant cash advance services is the best earning alternative for those with outside obligations or the ones with family to take care of.

Toeing the water

Perhaps you are just a fresh graduate from college armed with your degree. All you need is some experience to craft your legitimate job resume. Even though you can join a reputable company as an intern, you might be wasting your time since they don’t pay well. The only alternative left is to partner with a reputable merchant cash advance company and start selling their services. While working as an ISO, you will have a chance to gain experience in your desired permanent field.

Potentially More income

It is evident that everyone wants to make a standard wage. Even though your earnings will depend on the skills employed when marketing the loan products, there are higher chances that you can earn a lot as an ISO than you would when employed. This is because you can set your preferred rate, something that you can negotiate with your merchant cash advance company. However, the typical rate of payment is based on the market rate, which is more than what you would earn when working as an employee.

Note that individual sales organizations are linked with specialty expertise. You need to have a lot of marketing skills to be a successful agent, and this kind of influence is something that merchant cash advance companies need.

3 Reasons to Sell Merchant Cash Advance Services Full Time

It is evident that selling of merchant cash advance services is one of the highest growing and most lucrative business ventures. However, it is necessary to do the work on a full-time basis for you to be more successful while you reap the benefits. This post talks about three main reasons why you must partner with the direct lender loan company and start selling the products on a full-time basis.

There is no such thing as part time business

The only things you can successfully do on a part time basis are hobbies and second jobs. The majority of individual sales organization agents understand that selling of merchant cash advance services is not a hobby while others believe that it would make a perfect second job.

Selling of merchant cash advance services on behalf of direct lender loan provider is as lucrative as starting a restaurant to operate it during your spare time or opening a retail shop during your lunch break. However, for an individual sales organization agent who sells the MCA service on a full-time basis has the opportunity to leverage his existing client base, hence increasing his monthly income.

Starting to sell the merchant services is like starting a new business

Note that this is a business venture that will take 100 percent of your work concentration, your resources, your energy and time. This is not bad though since the selling of merchant services for direct lender loan providers can be rewarding. However, you need to take some risks if you want to thrive in this field because if nothing is risked to start selling the services, you certainly gain nothing.

Unlike in other types of business, you don’t need a huge upfront investment to start selling the merchant cash advance services. Apart from a few bucks required for marketing solution, gas money, and some printer coverage, you practically invest nothing up-front. The fact is that the merchant lender you partner with pays you to start the business.

Your upfront income will cover your basic living expenses

The good thing about selling merchant cash advance services is that you receive two types of primary income. The long term residual income is the one that makes everybody want to offer the services of an individual sales organization. Nevertheless, you want a reimbursement plan that comprises significant upfront bonus income for every sale once you get started. On average, you are entailed to earn $275 upfront if you are working with a reputable merchant cash advance company. This is in addition to $30 + every month in the residual on every client who processes his credit transactions.

If you decide to do the work on a full-time basis where you spend at least thirty hours in the field looking for clients, you will get an average of 10-15 new customers who need the services. This will help you grow your residual income, and it will also give you some upfront bonuses.

loan direct lenders

Benefits of Becoming a Sales Agent For Merchant Cash Advance Loan Direct Lenders

Sales agents are a group of people who work for individual sales organizations tasked to bring new merchants who need financial support for their businesses. Their work is to source and educates business owners and ultimately close sales. This is a simple and straightforward venture to invest in. Starting your own merchant cash advance company given that you don’t need to register to become an ISO. You also don’t have to run a company for you to be a successful ISO. On top of that, the cost of starting the business and selling the merchant cash advance as loan direct lenders are relatively lower. However, depending on the merchant cash advance company and their types of loan product to sell, a small fee might be involved.

Note that there are numerous loan direct lenders you can partner with, each providing different perks with different terms and conditions.

For instance, you can partner with a loan direct lender that is ready to offer you up to $500 for selling a MCA service to a new client and a bonus of up to $1250 per month. You will also earn up to 60 percent of the transaction charges that you collect from borrowers. For that reason, any moment the borrower you gave a loan pays via the credit card transaction, you make money. Note that this is referred to as residual income and it is considered as one of the biggest selling points in this field. Just like any other venture, selling the merchant cash advance services comes with unending persistence and hard work.

The merchant cash advance industry has been flocked with many loan direct lenders, and for this reason, you need to conduct a thorough research. This will help you in determining which merchant cash Advance Company is legit and which one will suit your goals. Since your key role in this industry is to generate leads while you make face to face sales if necessary, it is evident that the duties of an ISO must be executed by an ambitious salesperson. In this field, expect to suffer numerous setbacks and rejections all through your career and the pressure from your clients and loan direct lender can be high too. However, you need be persistent and learn not to give up easily to thrive in this environment.

Note that there is a lot of money you can make by selling these merchant cash advance services irrespective of which method and strategy you implement. This is because there is potential for individuals from all walks of life, capability and resources to generate income.

Note that the capital required to start selling merchant cash advance services is minimal since your direct loan lender will be offering the loans to business owners on your behalf. On top of that, there is no risk involved when selling merchant cash advance services because you will provide a modest loan product to various healthy business with stable cash flow once you become a MCA seller.

direct lenders bad credit

Direct Lenders Bad Credit Options: How You Can Help

There are a number of reasons why a business may need some extra funds on short notice. Some companies need to make sure that they are able to cover the cost of invoices that they’ve sent to customers when customers aren’t able to pay on time. Some businesses may need to come up with creative marketing campaigns in a limited amount of time so they can attract more customers. Other companies have to make sure that the expenses associated with costly but necessary equipment are covered in a reasonable amount of time. And, of course, there are some businesses who need cash fast but don’t have a credit score that is high enough to get a conventional loan. You can help direct lenders bad credit find the businesses that can benefit from their services by using your ISO advantages.

Merchant cash advances (MCAs) are one of the leading direct lenders bad credit organizations for a number of reasons, and it would be beneficial for you to have several MCA lenders in your list of contacts. These lenders don’t require companies to have a high credit score since they understand that a business may need necessary funds in order to pay off accounts that are lowering their credit scores. In many cases, companies should have a credit score that is no lower than a 400, but this is usually pretty attainable if a business has been operating for more than a year and has paid off at least a few accounts on time or in full. This is also great news for companies that are fairly new, and don’t have an extensive credit history yet.

MCAs are also appealing because it doesn’t take a long time to get the loan approved. Some lenders will give the funds to a company in a business day or two, and there are even some MCA lenders that can approve the loan in a matter of hours. These direct lenders bad credit can help companies in emergency situations, and the application process is usually pretty easy.

The fact that MCAs also don’t have a collateral requirement is also a plus for businesses. This is a huge relief for companies who are looking for direct lenders bad credit that can offer a lump sum of cash without requiring the ownership of assets of the business can’t pay the loan back in time. MCAs make arrangements with companies to have a percentage of the loan paid back each time the business makes a credit or debit card sale, which is ideal for businesses who are watching their budgets.

Talk to your financial team about connecting direct lenders bad credit with company owners who can use their monetary services. You can provide the communication and facilitation tools that both businesses need to advance their companies, and you can charge a fee for your services, which means that everyone can benefit. Meet with your financial team about the benefits of pairing MCA lenders with business owners today.

direct lenders no credit check

Working With Direct Lenders No Credit Check

Connecting business owners with the funds they need to keep their companies going can be yet another beneficial service that your ISO (independent sales organization) can offer to clients. One of the best ways to do this is to find direct lenders no credit check that can service these companies.

As the ISO, your job will be to connect business owners with lenders who can provide them with necessary funds in a short amount of time. In many cases, it’s best to find MCA (merchant cash advance) lenders to match with company owners. The main reason for this is that MCA loans are some of the easiest to obtain, and don’t have requirements that are difficult for businesses to maintain.

In addition to being part of the direct lenders no credit check group, MCA loans also don’t require businesses to submit their valuable assets as collateral. This takes the stress away from business owners who don’t want to risk giving up their equipment if they are not able to pay the loan back. After all, if the equipment is no longer at the business site, company owners won’t be able to produce goods, and this could put them even further in debt, which defeats the purpose of getting a loan in the first place. MCA lenders are also able to offer cash advances to businesses in a few business days, which can be a huge relief for company owners who need a significant amount of cash in a short amount of time. Some lenders will even approve the loan and have the cash deposited into the company’s bank account in just a few hours.

Even though MCAs are direct lenders no credit check-type loans, it’s still important that a business owner has their credit in the best shape possible before applying, because this can increase the chances of loan approval. Most MCA lenders will require a credit score of no lower than a 400, but this usually isn’t a problem for businesses that have been in operation for a few years.

When you’re acting as the ISO in this transaction, you may be in charge of facilitating the entire process. This means you’ll have to communicate the terms from the lender to the business owner and vice versa. You’ll need to make sure that both parties are clear on the terms of the loan, and that everyone agrees to adhere to the terms for the duration of the loan. You’ll also go over the contract concerning the loan with both entities before the loan officially goes into effect.

Another reason you’ll want to consider finding direct lenders no credit check to add to your network of businesses is that you’ll be able to charge a fee each time you connect a business owner with a MCA lender. It’s a good idea to talk to your financial team about the benefits of offering MCA services to business owners that you’ve already connected with.

cash advance direct lenders

Cash Advance Direct Lenders: Which Ones Are Right for You?

There are a number of ways you can use your network as an ISO (independent sales organization) to benefit other businesses. One of the ways to do this is to point company owners in the direction of cash advance direct lenders that can offer the cash these businesses need to keep their companies going. Before you provide this service to businesses, you should know about the perks that cash advance direct lenders have to offer, particularly lenders that offer merchant cash advances (MCAs).

A merchant cash advance is a type of business loan that allows companies to get the cash they need for operational costs or to purchase materials. The MCA can be approved in as little as one business day, and sometimes, the lender will submit the funds in as little as a few hours. Aside from the quick turnaround, businesses also turn to these cash advance direct lenders because the terms of the loan are easy to meet in most cases. The business doesn’t have to have a very high credit score, but it’s best to have a score of at least 400, especially if the company has been in business for a few years and has had the experience that comes with managing expenses, taking care of payroll and pay off debts. Merchant cash advance lenders also don’t require collateral, so businesses won’t have the stress of giving up their valuable equipment as a way to ensure that the debt is paid off.

When it’s time to repay the cash advance, businesses can have a small percentage of their debit or credit card sales taken by the lender to pay back the balance of the loan. This means that companies don’t have to repay the debt right away, and can do so at their own pace. Businesses can also choose to have a percentage taken from their bank accounts on a regular basis until the loan is paid in full.

When you want to connect cash advance direct lenders to businesses that may need their services, you’ll act as the point of communication between the two parties. You may also help companies pair with a lender that can meet their specific needs. The two entities will need to develop a contract that makes all the terms clear, and both parties will have to agree to these terms before the cash advance can take effect. As the ISO, you can facilitate all communication, or you can pass along valuable information to either party that will make the process go smoothly. You can also check in with both parties periodically to make sure that the terms are continually met.

This arrangement also works well for you because you’ll be able to charge a fee for each transaction, which could result in a significant profit for your ISO. If you think that offering MCAs could be a lucrative venture for your ISO, talk to your financial team about connecting with the lenders and companies that could help you start this process.

online loans direct

Should Your ISO offer Online Loans Direct to Customers

There are several advantages to being an ISO (independent sales organization). You can offer financial products, such as online loans direct, to clients without having to follow the regulations of the government, and you’ll have a list of resources and contacts that you can provide to customers to assist them in finding the monetary solutions necessary for growing their businesses. If you’re trying to figure out which new products and services you should offer customers, it may be time to consider merchant cash advances (MCAs).

There are lots of great benefits to providing merchant cash advances to the customers who come to you for financial solutions. Merchant cash advances are ideal for companies who don’t want to get a loan that has a high credit score as a requirement. With a MCA, credit is not necessarily a factor, but it’s best for companies to have a credit score of at least 400. There also isn’t a requirement for collateral when it comes to a MCA. This means that companies won’t have the added stress of putting their most valuable items up for collateral to secure the loan. After all, if companies have to give up their assets as a form of payment, the company won’t be able to continue doing business, since the valuable equipment used to produce goods will no longer be in the company’s possession if the company has to give up these items for the purpose of loan payment.

A MCA is also a great way to offer online loans direct to your customers because the process of approval is very short. Some companies will get the loans they need in as little as a few hours, and many MCA lenders will approve loans in a business day or two. This is a great benefit for companies who need a significant amount of money in a short amount of time.

When you provide online loans direct as an ISO, you’ll act as the liaison between the MCA lender and the business owner. The two parties will have to create an agreement that appeals to each entity and will have to officially agree to the terms before the loan can take effect. Sometimes, the parties will handle this portion of the agreement themselves as you facilitate. In other cases, you’ll be the main point of contact between the two parties, and each entity will express their terms and concerns through you. This means that you’ll need to be very familiar with both companies and will have to communicate clearly throughout the MCA approval process to make sure that both the lender and the business owner understand how the loan will be distributed and repaid.

You will find that offering online loans direct to the business owners that are part of your network could be very beneficial to your ISO, since you’ll be able to charge a fee each time you close a MCA deal. This means that not only are you helping the organizations that you interact with, but you’re bringing in more direct profit for your business as well. Talk to your financial team about the ways you can make MCAs a part of your financial product menu today.

benefits of selling MCA

The Benefits of Selling MCA as an Independent Sales Organization

Are you an Independent Sales Organization looking for a better way of expanding your business while exploring more options of working with business owners and financial institutions? Traditional Independent Sales Organizations normally work closely with business owners to take care of their transactions by providing them with credit cards which are normally tied-up with partner banks. Independent Sales Organizations normally have many contacts with financial institutions like banks, with businessmen they work with, and also with many independent lenders and other Independent Sales Organizations. Independent Sales organizations do not adhere to strict guidelines of government authorized institutions but are still recognized by them. They still enjoy all the benefits that authorized institutions like banks do such as security on the money, but at the same time, they also enjoy the freedom to make their own guidelines and regulations.

Up until recently, Independent Sales Organizations have only worked with businessmen to provide them with credit cards and take care of all of their credit card transactions. But with the rise of Merchant Cash Advance, a new way for Independent Sales Organizations to work with their businessmen has slowly surfaced by providing business men support, and by acquiring working capital for them through the use of their already established system.

In this article, we will look at what Merchant Cash Advance is, how Independent Sales Organizations work with Merchant Cash Advance, and finally we will understand what the benefits of selling MCA are. So shall we begin?

What is Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advance is a way through which businessmen who are in dire need of working capital sell a portion of their future credit card sales to independent lenders in exchange for a large capital sum in advance. The way it works is that a businessman approaches an independent lender on his/her own and applies to his/her proposal that contains his/her business details, background, credit history, and finally the projected credit card sales that the business owner intends to earn in the foreseeable future. Due to the high chances of success with Merchant Cash Advance, it is highly likely that the proposal of the business owner is accepted. Once it is accepted, the business owner and the lender have a meeting for negotiations. Everything in the entire process is transparent and only when both parties are completely satisfied with what’s on the table, is the contract signed between them.

Soon, after the signing of the contract is done, the entire working capital is transferred to the businessman’s account. The whole process can take place in just as little as twenty-four hours! But the best part about Merchant Cash Advance is the ease of payment which happens through a small pre-agreed upon a portion of every future credit card transaction of the businessman that goes directly to the lender. That means every time a customer purchases goods or services from the business owner, a small fraction of that is transferred to the lender. This process then repeats itself until the complete debt is paid along with interest.

Merchant Cash Advance involves three parties: The business owner who is the prospective debtor, the independent lender who provides the working capital of MCA, and finally an inter-mediator, the post of which is taken by Independent Sales Organizations. In ordr to understand what the benefits of selling MCA are, we are going to first understand how Independent Sales Organizations work in Merchant Cash Advance:

How do Independent Sales Organizations work with MCA?

Independent Sales Organizations, as mentioned earlier, are financial firms who work independently without any government regulation. Because of that, they are exempt from adhering to any regulations and guidelines that government recognized institutions like banks adhere to. They can simply form their own regulations and implement them however they want.

These Independent Sales Organizations tend to have vast networks of contacts with other financial institutions, business owners, and independent lenders. It is because of these massive networks that Independent Sales Organizations are helpful in Merchant Cash Advance. Here are the reasons how they work with the process of MCA.

  •    Establish Credibility: The first thing that Independent Sales Organizations do in Merchant Cash Advance is that they establish credibility in the eyes of both the business owner and the independent lender.  Since they have massive networks; they provide the initial connection between the lender and the debtor and are the only source of establishing credibility between the two.
  •    Promote communication: Since Independent Sales Organizations have relations with both the business owner and the independent lender due to their previous ventures together, essentially, they become mediators between both of the parties. Many times, Independent Sales Organizations are the only way through which the lender and the debtor communicate with each other.
  •   Carry all transactions: The benefits of selling MCA that an Independent Sales Organization can expect can be found in providing all transactions that take place between the lender and the debtor. Right from the very first working capital lump-sum transfer to the following credit card purchase portion transactions, all are handled by the Independent Sales Organizations. They make sure that the lender and the debtor get their share of the money while taking a cut for themselves in the process.

Benefits of selling MCA

But of course, recently, even this has changed and now Independent Sales Organizations have started selling Merchant Cash Advance to the business owners themselves. This essentially enables them to increase their profits and make the business owners happy. The benefits of selling MCA by Independent Sales Organizations are many and can be enjoyed fully by simply taking the chance and starting out right away. It can be a very lucrative venture, and there is no limit to how much money one can make as long as the ISO continues to bring customers to the direct lenders, increasing commission rates, and overall profits. People in need of working capital for their business are in abundance across the United States making the process of selling MCA a highly rewarding venture especially for ISO’s since they can take advantage of the many contacts that they have in the business world. What are you waiting for? Start selling MCA today!

online loan direct lenders

Merchant Cash Advance: The best online loan direct lenders of 2017

What are the best online loan direct lenders? This might be the question that is plaguing your mind. In today’s world where we have so many options because of the internet, to find the best possible option may be a little bit tricky.

Banks with their shenanigans and monopolized financial system that will only leave one caught up in their bureaucracy and restrictions can no longer be the best. They have transitioned to an online version of themselves, but this transition is so slow and still filled with their archaic system that only makes it difficult for business owners to attain finances.  Plus, you will also have to face the bias on the basis of your credit history and also pay a huge collateral that will add more stress to you as you pay it back.

So, which other option provides the best online loan direct lenders? To answer that question, we must look beyond the normal banking options like banks and credit unions, and instead take a look at a much better way that has been specially made for the business owner such as the ever growing Merchant Cash Advance industry. Let us take a look at what MCA really is, how it can benefit a business owner in his/her financial endeavors, and what the best way to sell it is.

What is Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is a recent financial system that brings together the business owners who are in a need for business capital, the direct lenders who supply the capital, and the Independent Sales Organizations that act as the mediators in the process, thus providing the best online loan direct lenders. The whole process is designed to suit the business owners and comes with the following benefits:

  •   Speed: Merchant Cash Advance is so fast that the whole process can take place in just twenty-four hours.
  •   Transparent: The process is designed to be transparent with no hidden charges or policies. The business owner can even negotiate on his/her own terms.
  •    Hassle-free: Merchant Cash Advance comes with no restrictions as to how the business owner can use your money. Even a bad credit history does not matter as the business owner will be accepted. And finally, MCA does not ask for any collateral.
  •   Easy repayment: The repayment in MCA takes place through a pre-agreed upon a portion of business owner’s  future credit card sales that are transferred to the lender with every sale.

The best way to attain Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance can be the best online loan direct lenders purchased directly through an Independent Sales Organization. Today’s times, ISO’s are not just limited to being mediators but are becoming lenders themselves. This allows them to charge the business owners less and take care of all their credit card sales in a better way. This allows the ISOs to make much more profit as well. As an ISO, selling MCA can be a very lucrative business due to the large amount of businesses all across the country in need of quick funding. This shows that merchant cash advance has opened many jobs, while helping business owners obtain their working capital needs.