Moving Business Forward

GoCap has helped thousands of businesses move forward, providing capital to grow and operate. It’s this growth that has helped us expand our abilities to better serve our customers with a wider range of financial solutions.

As direct funders, we enjoy more flexibility— free from the limitations of traditional lending institutions. This allows us to offer a wider, more innovative range of financial solutions and up to $3,000,000 in assistance. Combined with our far-reaching business knowledge and financial expertise, we’ll make sure we custom tailor a plan that’s right for you.


At GoCap, we aim to make financing as simple and stress free as possible. We thoroughly educate you about the different funding options available, and make sure we’re always free to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. We’ll also determine any looming demands and help map out a plan to overcome them.


Speaking of simple, we’ve uncomplicated the payback process by automating it. We’ll also customize a payback plan that works with your operation’s business cycle, giving you the ability to make payments at the most convenient times. And we’ll periodically touch base with you in order to ensure your experience with GoCap continues to be outstanding.


GoCap believes in maintaining successful relationships and will be there at each step of your company’s growth cycle. After a successful first round, we’ll offer additional funding options for being as good to us as we strive to be for you.

Our Models

Cash Flow Financing


GoCap is a direct funder of fully amortizing cash flow financing to businesses throughout the country. We seek to customize financing solutions to meet your company’s specific needs for the life cycle of your business. For expansion, acquisition, marketing, refinancing existing debt or purchasing inventory and equipment, we allow a broad use of the capital.


$50,000 to $3 million


3 to 18 months fully amortizing financing solutions tailored to your businesses needs and cash flow.


Repayment is automated.

Invoice Financing


Certain types of businesses experience extended waiting periods between invoicing and payment, yet still need capital to pay for their day-to-day expenses. GoCap’s invoice financing plan is designed with these circumstances in mind.


$25,000 to $3 million


4-18 months

Asset Based Lending


For immediate capital needs when traditional forms of financing are not available, our asset based lending programs are available for project financing needs, inventory purchases, acquisitions, expansion and cash flow. We can secure various types of collateral including real estate, machinery, equipment and certain types of intellectual property including websites and domains.


$50,000 to $5 million


3-24 months

Our success is
measured by
the results we
help achieve.

Our evaluation is quick and efficient, so you won’t be left wondering about the status of your application. Once completed, our expert financial team will contact you directly to review personalized funding options that work with your natural business cycle.

With GoCap
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With GoCap, you’re not just partnering with any financing company. You’re plugging into a powerful platform that will help maximize your revenues, as well as ensure your clients receive the capital they need to run their businesses. With our tools at your disposal, you’ll close quicker and more often. Register today to see why it pays to go with GoCap.

Partner With Perks

Partner with us and enjoy some of the highest deal approval rates in the industry. Our expertise in the field of business financing allows us to quickly and thoroughly review deals as they roll in- even - the more unconventional ones.

Partner With Experience

At GoCap, we know business financing. Our partnership programs have provided over two hundred fifty million dollars to various businesses throughout the years.

Partner With Options

We offer different levels of participation in our partnership programs. Apply today to become either a referral partner or a sales partner.

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